Local cycling

You’d be forgiven, if you read my previous posts, for thinking that rural cycling only involves long rides on gravel roads or on dodgy paved ones.

Fortunately it doesn’t. Today was hot and sticky – so I hopped on my bike to ride down to the river for a dip.

Rivière au Saumon, Scotstown. Photo R.Shearmur

Ok, there were a few flies around, but there were also hundreds of swallow-like birds, swooping over the water and around my head.

Swallow-like bird, Rivière au Saumon, Photo R.Shearmur

The bike, dedicated to local shopping and swims, is a single speed CCN with retro-pedal brakes: it raises the vexed question of single-speed bikes. More about this later.

For now, I’ll enjoy the swim….

In the river, Scotstown, Photo: R.Shearmur

Published by Richard Shearmur

I am a professor at McGill's School of Urban Planning. I perform research on innovation, on how we locate work activities (in a world where people often work from many places), and on urban and regional economic geography. I used to work in real-estate, and teach a course on this. I am an urban planner, member of the Ordre des Urbanistes du Québec and of the Canadian institute of Planners.

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