Recent papers

Baumgartinger-Seiringer, S., Doloreux, R.Shearmur & M.Trippl, 2022, When history does not matter? The rise of Quebec’s wine industry, Geofurum, 128, 115-128

Shearmur, R., 2022, Boroughs, Small municipalities and Sustainability: What is municipal innovation, and does it make a difference? in Kong, H. and Monforte, T. (eds) Innovations in Urban Sustainability: Citizens and Participatory Governance, Toronto: University of Toronto press (forthcoming)

Doloreux, D., R.Shearmur & S,Poulin-Houle, 2021, Industrial clusters in peripheral regions: The case of marine biotechnology in Rimouski (Québec)/ Les grappes industrielles en régions périphériques: le cas des biotechnologies marines à Rimouski (Québec), Le Géographe Canadien, DOI: 10.1111/cag.12715

Shearmur, R. and D.Doloreux, 2021, The geography of knowledge revisited: geographies of KIBS use by a new rural industry, Regional Studies,

Shearmur, R., Ananian, P., Lachapelle, U., Parra-Lockurst, M., Scherrer-Paulhiac, F. et Tremblay, D-G, and Wycliffe-Jones, A., 2021, Towards a post-Covid geography of economic activity : using probability spaces to decipher Montreal’s changing workscapes, Urban Studies,

Pajevic, F. and R.Shearmur, 2021, Where are the knowledge workers? The case of Silicon valley North in Ontario, Canada, in Mariotti, I., Di Vita, S. and Akhavan, M. (eds) New Workplaces – Location Patterns, Urban effects and Development Trajectories, Cham: Springer, 233-250

Doloreux, D., Rodriguez, M. and R.Shearmur, 2021, Sources of innovation and the use of KIBS by manufacturing firms, International Journal of Technology Management, 85.1, 78-93

Shearmur, R., Parra-Lockurst, M. and Wycliffe-Jones, A., 2020, The exaggerated report of offices’ demise: The strength of real workplace ties. in Doucet, B., Filion, P. and van Melik, R. (eds) Global Reflections on COVID-19 Urban Inequalities: Policy and Planning, Bristol: Policy Press (forthcoming)

Frigon, A., D.Doloreux and R.Shearmur, 2020, Drivers of eco-innovation and conventional innovation in the Canadian wine industry, Journal of Cleaner Production, 275,

Makkonen, T., Gretzinger, S., Hjaltadottir, R, Lorentzen, A., and Shearmur, R., 2020, Innovation in peripheries and borderlands (editorial), Journal of Rural Studies,

Shearmur, R., 2020, A personal perspective on Mario Polèse’s research in regional science, Canadian Journal of Regional Science, 42.1, 6-10

Shearmur, R., 2020, Remote work: Employers are taking over our living spaces and passing on costs, The Conversation, 18th June 2020

Shearmur, R. and D.Doloreux, 2020, The geography of knowledge revisited: geographies of KIBS use by a new rural industry, Regional Studies,

Doloreux, D., R.Shearmur, Porto, I. and J.Zabala, 2020, DUI and STI innovation in the Canadian wine industry: the geography of interactions modes, Growth and Change,

Shearmur, R., 2020, Covid-19’s effect on work is a shift, not a major revolution, Policy Options. 21st May 2020.

Shearmur, R., 2020, Conceptualizing and measuring the location of work: work location as a probability space, Urban Studies,

Stevens, L. and R.Shearmur, 2020, The End of Location Theory? Some Implications of Micro-work, Work trajectories and Gig-Work for Conceptualizing the Urban Space Economy, Geoforum,

Putri, D. and R.Shearmur, 2020, Workplace Mobility in Canadian Urban Agglomerations, 1996 to 2016: Have Workers Really Flown the Coop? The Canadian Geographer, doi/abs/10.1111/cag.12622

Shearmur, R., 2020, Innovation in Canadian Cities, in. M.Moos, D.Pfeiffer and T.Vinodrai (eds) Canadian Cities in Transition, Oxford University Press

Shearmur, R., 2019, Why We Should Stop Conflating Cities With Innovation and Creativity, Citylab, 2nd December 2019,

Shearmur, R. and D.Wachsmuth, 2019, Urban Technology : the Rise of the ‘Innovation Machine’, Plan Canada, 59.1, 175-179

Shearmur, R., M.Charron and F.Pajevic, 2019, Pourquoi seulement les villes sont-elles qualifiées d’intelligentes? Un vocabulaire du biais urbain, Canadian Geographer, DOI:10.1111/cag.12573

Shearmur, R., 2019, L’innovation municipale: L’entrepreneuriat dans l’administration Publique locale, in Brady, J-P. (ed), Introduction à la vie politique municipal Québécoise, Québec: Presses de l’Université Laval, 93-118

Charron, M., R.Shearmur et G.Beauchemin, 2019, Données Massives et Sciences du Territoire, Canadian Journal of Regional Science, 41.1/3, 15-25

Meili, R. and R.Shearmur, 2019, Diverse diversities – Open innovation in small towns and rural areas, Growth and Change, 50.2, 492-514

Doloreux, D. & R.Shearmur, 2019, Moving Clusters to the next level: Canada’s ocean Supercluster, Marine Policy, 98, 33-36

Doloreux, D.*, R.Shearmur* and A.van Asche, 2019, Combined innovation and export strategies of KIBS in different regional settings, Industry & Innovation,

Shearmur, R.* and D.Doloreux, 2019, KIBS as Both Innovators and Knowledge Intermediaries in the Innovation Process: Intermediation as a Contingent Role, Papers in Regional Science, DOI:10.1111/pirs.12354

Shearmur, R., 2018, La dissolution du territoire: la métropole comme machine économique efficace? in Pecqueur, B. et F.Nadou (eds.) Dynamiques Territoriales et Mutations Économiques, Paris: L’Harmattan, 65-78

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