Knowledge Intensive Business Services

I began working on KIBS many years ago with William Coffey, when they were referred to as High-order business (or producer) services. Since then my work has looked not only at the location of KIBS, but at the way they are used by manufacturers, at innovation in KIBS, and at how KIBS can play the roles of both innovators and KIBS users (yes, KIBS can be the clients of other KIBS).

My most recent research on this topic (under review) begins to question what is meant by ‘knowledge’. The argument is that KIBS seem to be located in cities because the definition of knowledge implied by the term is ‘knowledge relevant to urban industries and elites’. If we look at ‘knowledge relevant to wine-growers’ (for example) then the location of KIBS is no longer so clearly urban-centered.

Key publications on the topic

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Other papers on KIBS

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