The joy of driving (bis)

I’ve tried to avoid computers over summer – so since 14th July I’ve been on vacation and, once back, have been doing some research, coding interviews and sorting out data. Maybe I’ll tell you a little about this in future posts. But I haven’t only been vacationing and doing research. I’ve been meeting out drivingContinue reading “The joy of driving (bis)”

Climbing Mont-Mégantic & Mont-St-Joseph

Every summer I rise to the challenge two, maybe three, times: I take a ride up Mont-Mégantic. Another summit, Mont-St-Joseph can be thrown in, and – in for a penny, in for a pound – I usually knock myself out with that as well. To get to the entrance of Mont-Mégantic park requires a 32kmContinue reading “Climbing Mont-Mégantic & Mont-St-Joseph”

Gravel bikes: road bikes of the future

To ride on gravelly, sometimes muddy, sometimes stony, roads and paths, it’s good to have a bike with big tires. Of course, mountain bikes have big tires, but one can’t ride fast on them, and the prospect of doing 100km on a full-suspension bike with flat handlebars is not appealing (at least to me). MountainContinue reading “Gravel bikes: road bikes of the future”

Bike shops as lycra-laden male elitist niches

Cycling is fun and I love it. However, it has its dark sides. For instance it can be an arcane and elitist activity, impatient with people who do not live and breathe carbon, group sets and rolling resistance. This was brought home to me when my teenage daughter, who has become interested in practical cyclingContinue reading “Bike shops as lycra-laden male elitist niches”

Back to normal: of U-turns and signalling

There are currently many fundamental and critically important debates occurring, focussed on systemic racism, police training and how to spend public money to make cities, towns and rural areas safer and fairer for everyone. The inequalities brought to light by the Covid 19 crisis – inequalities between different types of worker, between neighbourhoods, between peopleContinue reading “Back to normal: of U-turns and signalling”